Thursday, June 13, 2019

'Summer Bloom' - Gallery Los Olivos July 2019

Summer's here! Time for roadtrips and exploring what's been happening at Gallery Los Olivos. 
You are invited to stop by and see the yearly show of myself and Kris Buck. Our exhibit is called "Summer Bloom', we have been exploring and painting the Santa Barbara County landscape to bring you our vision in pastel. Here are a few new paintings of mine that will be on display beginning July 1 - 31, 2019. 

Ranch Oaks Revisited

Abundant Green

Poppy View Figueroa Mountain

Los Carneros Color
Ranch Oaks Study II

Carpinteria Bluffs Golden Light

Gibraltar Manzanita

Sunday, May 19, 2019

PSWC 2019 Membership Online Show and Pastels USA 2019 Haggin Museum

Submitting your work to be juried for an exhibition can be uplifting, really great feedback -or- a chance to reflect on what is going on with your artist process and how can you make a better painting (if not accepted). I submitted some of my recent work to 3 juried exhibitions and was accepted into 2 of them, so I have both reflection and double yay! 
What was a blessing is that the same painting I submitted (along with others) for both was chosen.  This year I painted a cactus, and was looking for something different, lots of light and shadow and the beauty of what could be called the mundane cactus paddle. 

This painting can be seen online at PSWC's website, it is their 2019 Membership Online Show. You can check out all of the other beautiful pastel paintings, an outstanding group at . Thank you Terri Ford, this years judge!

The Pastels USA 2019 Haggin Museum is PSWC's 33rd annual premier event. It's an international exhibition. This exhibit is now showing at the Haggin Museum, Stockton CA from May 26 to July 14, 2019. I understand this year there were hundreds of entries and only about 100 are accepted, so to be a part of this is an honor. There were 3 jurors, nationally known, and I'd like to say thank you! They are Debora Steward, W. Truman Hosner, and Gary Huber. Enjoy another beautiful collection of paintings by pastelists from all over.

Below is the painting I submitted.
Cactus Flower